About me

Harry has a particular compassion for adolescents. For those living through that precarious transition from childhood to adulthood.


My job is to help you feel balance in your life.

I am a licensed acupuncturist with a master’s degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. As a practitioner, I am deeply committed to treating my patients’ body, mind, and spirit not only to address immediate symptoms, but to help them heal from the deepest level. I use acupuncture, Chinese nutritional advice, Qigong, and some forms of Asian body work to help my patients live balanced lives.

I believe that acupuncture can help many different complaints in people of all ages and I have a particular focus on using acupuncture to work with teenagers and young adults. I have found that teenagers respond extremely well to acupuncture treatments for from sports injuries, anxiety, chronic headaches, and other conditions.

When I am not with patients, I enjoy in spending time with my wife and son in the outdoors hiking, rock climbing, or just enjoying the natural world.

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